Mission and Vision

My mission is to help you recognise your brilliance, unleash your full potential, and become the servant leader you are meant to be. I believe that it is no coincidence that so many of us feel restless and exhausted. We are meant to live in circles and in community. But too often we are stuck in cubicles and hierarchical pyramids that disconnect us from our life energy and true power. I offer practical tools and strategies that nurture your authentic energy and power to gender-balance the world.

My work is guided by the following values:

  1. Kindness. Kindness is strength. Be kind and practice self-compassion, always.
  2. Courage. Choose courage over comfort. Dare greatly and walk the talk even when it’s difficult.
  3. Freedom. Freedom is a blessing that needs to be cherished and nurtured.
  4. Wholeness. We all need wholeness. In a thought-driven world, we befriend our body and trust our gut feelings.
  5. Curiosity. Stay curious, be surprised and wonder. See the world with fresh eyes and let go of judgement.
  6. Generosity. Live from a place of abundance not scarcity. Assume the best of others and share your gifts.
  7. Awareness: Take time to listen and to be still. Silence leads us to our inner voice.
  8. Play. Be playful and allow yourself to be silly.
  9. Gratitude. Celebrate talents and potential. Use what you’ve got and build on it.
  10. Community. Widen the circle, be a good neighbor, practice belonging daily.