My leadership circles, programs and trainings cover the following topics:

  • Leading with resilience
  • Gender-balanced politics
  • Basic ingredients for self-care and wellbeing
  • Living in harmony with your core values
  • Understanding your body language and energy cycles
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • The power of your inner circle: strategic networking and sisterhood

I work with small and large groups and I offer tailor-made, virtual or on-site services in English, German and Dutch:

  • Circle dialogue and team training
  • Workshops and structured dialogue facilitation

What sets me apart is my style and my unconventional approach. I integrate findings from diverse fields including neuroscience, business management, psychology, conflict transformation, restorative justice and the study of how physical movement affects creative thinking and learning. Based on research and my experience, I believe the deepest insights emerge when we apply embodied learning and structured dialogue.

My facilitation style is engaging and includes:

  • Interactive exercises and body-awareness practices
  • Role-play and physical positioning
  • Structured dialogue and storytelling
  • Creative and experiential learning styles